Anyone who wants to engage in high-quality research requires access to high-performance, state-of-the-art research infrastructure. With research infrastructure gaining in importance in virtually all scientific disciplines, investments therein are indispensable if Flanders wants to remain at the forefront and strengthen its position in future-oriented fields. Moreover, the FWO’s financing channels for infrastructure provide the much needed and urgently required impetus to give high-performing Flemish research groups the opportunity to compete successfully at the international level. Without this funding, these researchers would certainly and inevitably lose connection with leading groups at the international level. 

Furthermore, the majority of the infrastructures are not focused on a specific research group or discipline, but are used by a broad research community in Flanders (universities, colleges, strategic research institutes, etc.) with an interdisciplinary range of research topics. The multiplicator effect therefore extends simultaneously across many future research groups, labs and talented researchers. 

The successful but oversubscribed infrastructure initiatives highlight the specific current demand among Flemish researchers for additional support.