7.1Scientometrics 2.0 – and beyond? Background, promises, challenges, limitations and recent developments

By Wolfgang Glänzel and Pei-Shan Chi (KU Leuven)

Open science, open access as one of its important platform and instrument and altmetrics (i.e., alternative metrics), as its possible assessment tool, have gained huge importance since their emergence during the last decade. Priem and Hemminger (2010) have outlined this new concept, compiled a comprehensive list of relevant services and provided a critical look at uses, limitations and future challenges. In their article they also heralded the emergence of a new paradigmatic “Scientometrics 2.0” model. The expectations of the new metrics are enormous and so is the enthusiasm for their use. Unfortunately, their use is, at present, even less critical (and sometimes careless) than it was about three decades before in the case of the emergence of their predecessor metrics. Bibliometricians have already raised their voice (e.g., Wouters and Costas, 2012; Gumpenberger et al., 2016) to admonish of latent and real challenges and dangers in the use of the new metrics. Before we give a short summary of the recent discussion, we briefly review the development from scientometrics till its recent opening towards a possible broader discipline called ‘scientometrics 2.0’.